Outdoor Adventure Journal is a place for people to share their passion for Outdoor Adventure with other like minded people. It is a place to share experiences, advice, thoughts and recommendations on gear, locations and almost anything else related to Outdoor Adventure.

What is an Outdoor Adventure?

Outdoor Adventure means something different to every people. For some it might mean doing a thru-hike on the AT or PCT, or climbing Everest. For others it might mean going out for a walk on a nature trail. At Outdoor Adventure Journal all types of adventures are recognizes and welcome.

We believe that no matter the size of the adventure, our experiences in the great outdoors are worth remembering. So what can you expect from this site?

At a minimum I hope it will provide you with some interesting reading. Many of us have a passion for the great outdoors that we have a tendency to share via social media, and while there is nothing wrong with this form of sharing, it doesn’t lend itself well to the telling of longer narratives.

How can I contribute?

If you have an interest in writing something for Outdoor Adventure Journal please feel free to email me at stephen@outdooradventurejournal.com. I would love to discuss your ideas and tell you more about how you can contribute.

How can I have something reviewed?

If you are a vendor and are interested in having your product reviewed here at Outdoor Adventure Journal, please contact us at reviews@outdooradventurejournal.com and someone will contact you with more details.

  • Outdoor Adventure Journal is a not for profit site, any items sent for review will gladly be returned if return shipping is covered by the sender.
  • All reviews will be completed in an honest and straight forward manner. What this means is that if we think you have an amazing product, we will say so. If we think it had flaws, we will say so. To be anything less than honest is against our core values.

No Advertisements, Ever!

As you will have noticed by now Outdoor Adventure Journal is free of advertisements. Why? We hate them. Simple as that. This is a passion project, pure and simple. Something being done for the pure love of the subject matter. We all have jobs, the goal here is not to make money.

This site is hosted on GitHub and the mail domain on gsuite. As such the costs to run this site are quite low so monetary donations or funds to run the site are not necessary at this time.


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Thanks Again!

Thanks again for your interest in Outdoor Adventure Journal! We hope you visit often and enjoy your time with us, but more than that we hope you have some amazing adventures outdoors!

Your host, Stephen