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Gear Buying Agony

About two months ago I started to dread my upcoming birthday, and if I am being honest, feel a little depressed about it. It was going to be one of those big decade birthdays, my wife...

In Gear, Nov 29, 2019

Walk the Distance iOS App

When I first heard about the “Walk the Distance” iOS application on Outside Online I was immediately intrigued and installed it on my iPhone immediately.

In Tech, iOS, Oct 29, 2019

REI Kingdom 6 Person Tent Review

The REI Kingdom 6 tent is not a backpacking friendly tent. To say it is a beast would be a vast understatement. This tent sits solidly in the realm of car camping, or in my case, adul...

In Gear, Tent, Oct 27, 2019

Palos Forest Preserve Blessed Hike

As the early morning sun came streaming through the trees in the Cook County Palos Forest Preserve angelic rays of sun illuminated a porta-potty that we affectionately dubbed, “The Ho...

In Hiking, Oct 20, 2019

Cascade Vibes PNW Trucker Hat

So I am going to tell you first off that this is not an impartial review. My sister’s sister-in-law Sarah owns Cascade Vibes and is the artist behind this hat and all of the other ama...

In Gear, Hat, Oct 09, 2019

KEEN Targhee III Low WP Hiking Shoes

Earlier this summer I decided to get a new pair of hiking shoes. In the past I have always had Keen traditional full height hiking boots. I say always because the only boots that have...

In Gear, Hiking Boots, Oct 08, 2019

Fennix HM50R Headlamp

I wanted to do a quick review of the Fennix HM50R headlamp that I picked up from REI with a dividend that I had sitting around unused for far too long.

In Gear, Headlamp, Oct 07, 2019

Meetup Mix-up at Mattheissen State Park

Chicago area hiking opportunities can be found if you look hard enough. This last weekend I decided I would attend a local hiking group for what promised to be a six mile h...

In Hiking, State Park, Solo, Oct 06, 2019