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A Damn Tough Watch

Dan Dan Follow Nov 15, 2019 · 2 mins read
A Damn Tough Watch
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Today I would like to tell you about a damn tough watch that I own. The Casio G Shock GW-6900 was purchased to replace a Timex Expedition that bit the dust. It didn’t stop working completely, but the buttons were not always working and it had served me well for about 6-7 years. Plus I wanted a new watch.

I looked for another Timex, but found the G-Shock line while on Amazon. I started looking around and decided G-Shock was the way to go. They’re durable watches and got good reviews.

I initially bought a G-Shock with an analog and digital interface, but the watch hands covered the digital face too much. Not the best design.

I eventually wound up getting the 6900 you see below and am very happy with it. As you can see it’s pretty beefy without being too big. I though the digital readout might be too small, but it’s perfect, even with my old eyes. The back-light works well too.

My G-Shock GW-6900

The functions are easy to figure out and once you go through the setup, they’re easy to remember. Other cool features include solar charging, atomic time keeping (assuming you’re in a location where there’s a transmitter), dual time zones and several alarms.

On the subject of alarms, several reviews noted that it’s a little on the quiet side. I have not found this to be an issue. It wakes me up everyday.

Another nice feature is that the buttons are not directly connected to the watch’s electronic board. In other words, it’s engineered so that it won’t easily wear out.

It’s a comfortable watch and I barely notice its on during the day. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and highly recommend this to anyone that doesn’t need any crazy features, like compass, thermometer or whatever. I’ve had this watch now for around 13 months and still love it.

Zero maintenance on it and it still works great. The best thing is that I still find it comfortable, even if I wear it 12 or more hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s done well in the summer heat, occasional rainstorm and shower too. Highly recommended. Giving this one five stars for its extreme durability and consistent performance.

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Written by Dan Follow
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