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Cascade Vibes PNW Trucker Hat

Stephen Stephen Follow Oct 09, 2019 · 3 mins read
Cascade Vibes PNW Trucker Hat
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So I am going to tell you first off that this is not an impartial review. My sister’s sister-in-law Sarah owns Cascade Vibes and is the artist behind this hat and all of the other amazing items she creates.

Does that mean that this isn’t an honest review? Absolutely not. I love this hat. And how much is there to really review about a trucker hat?

  • Is it a trucker hat? Yes
  • Does it have trucker mesh to allow a trucker’s lustrous mane of hair to breathe in his/her big rig? Yes
  • Does it have a sweet color scheme? Yes
  • Does it have a sick design? I say yes!

Jewelry, Art and Apparel Inspired by the Beautiful PNW

Cascade Vibes

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Hi friends! My name is Sarah. I'm an artist, jewelry-maker, wife of an outdoorsy guy and a mama to two fun-loving kids. We live and play in the PNW. Cascade Vibes began in 2018 with the jewelry inspired by our outdoor adventures. All of my art and jewelry is handcrafted by me and one-of-a-kind. I create in small batches and try new things often to keep my styles fresh and creativity flowing. I do NOT accept custom work or commissions due to limited creative time. Thank you so much for visiting my small shop! Adventure on!

I’ve watched Sarah’s page over the year and been impressed with what she has created in a way that I think a lot of non-art skilled people do with a mild sense of wonder and maybe a touch of envy from wishing you had some artistic skills.

As someone who has blue eyes the sun can be harsh and more often than not I find myself reaching for a baseball cap of some kind to keep the sun out of my eyes. I rarely wear sunglasses because in my old age I need bi-focals and the pair of sunglasses I have are single prescription.

I’m the kind of person who wears things he loves until they are literally destroyed. I have old shirts and underwear to prove it. Along the way these items can go through a visual metamorphosis that isn’t always kind.

My current has is in such a state. Sweat stained, color running, beat down but still very loved, my Rocky Mountain National Park hat has seen some better days, and it has reached a point where my wife hates the way it looks.

Now to here credit she has tried to give me some fashion sense over the years and for the most part has failed, but bless her heart she keeps trying. Begrudgingly I have admitted to myself (I hope you aren’t reading this honey!) that my RMNP hat is starting to look like shit.

So when I saw that Sarah was offering some new baseball hats, I decided to buy one to replace the old RMNP hat. I couldn’t be happier with the design. The hat color combo I wanted was back-ordered at the supplier so it took a little longer to get but Sarah was nice enough to upgrade the logo from a printed design to an embroidered logo. I couldn’t be happier.

MassiveBeard in a Massively Cool Hat

If you have a minute give Cascade Vibes a look. I think Sarah makes some cool stuff and maybe you will too. I don’t think gear reviews need to be limited to just the big corporations, there is a lot of quality out there from smaller businesses too.

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